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Where You Live


Where You Live

A suburban house. A downtown high-rise. The busy city centre. The middle of nowhere. Wealth, poverty, and the ability to choose between the two. Where we live influences how we perceive life, ourselves, and other people. This collection of images shows some of the ways in which we exist both geographically and physically, and how they can shape our identity, who we become, and our perception of the world.

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Photographer & Photographs

Photographs are from cities, towns, experiences in Europe, North & South America, Africa and Asia.
They are about people and places.
Net proceeds from this exhibition will be donated to a local NGO in the town/city/region where the photograph was made.

Past Exhibitions:

Bloor West Village Art Tour - 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
Xtra Gallery - Group Show - 2006

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